Hole 17

Number 17.  Normally, the artful golfer expects some sort of reprieve or respite at the par 5’s on a course that is unrelenting on the difficulty of it’s par 4’s and 3’s.  WPGC does not subscribe to that philosophy.  Rather, the number 8 hole, while being only 490 yards long, is fraught with danger from the teeing area right up until the orb drops out of sight into the cup.  The tee ball cannot fly right or is doomed to a watery grave in the reservoir; left, and the ball will disappear in the dense rough.  Assuming your ball makes it to the fairway, a decision has to be made to lay up or go for the green.  Laying up is not a given as the narrow landing area may result in an unplayable lie outside the  fairway or in the creek that borders the fairway on the left and in front of the green.  Potentially, a very difficult but short par 5; use caution.