Hole 8

Number 8 is the shortest par four at Whispering Pines and also rates consistently as one of the most difficult.  It is our signature hole for which we are very proud.  The green is drivable if you can hit a 260 yard fade – just a slight fade; a slice will put you OB.  Straight will result in a watery grave left of the green.  A weakly hit fade and you will have to contend with 50 year old pines and that meandering creek again.  Left is woods.  Over the green is a very small pond that has no bottom and very steep sides; juniors avoid it for fear of falling in, never to be seen or heard from  again.   The best tee ball is to hit a 4-5 iron followed by a 8-pw to the green.  Two putt on the two tiered green, take your par and gratefully walk to hole number 9.  Do not look back!